The day Santa showed up for lunch

One year ago today, Santa showed up at our house for brunch. It was a wonderful surprise for our grandchildren David and Beks – who were a little bit overwhelmed and a whole lot excited.
Ah, 2019. It seems like such a very long time ago!
Enjoy the story and the photographs. Have a huge smile for today!
– Derek

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey


So Saturday morning this happened!!

Our most wonderful grandchildren – David and Beks – were working on a Christmas project with Rebekah. When suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a movement in the front driveway – red, jolly, full with kindness, and sporting a magnificent white beard!

“Children!” I yelled, “take a look out of the front window!”

They did. And, much to my surprise, David ran upstairs and hid while Beks made her way to the front door to confidently greet our guest.

“Santa!” she cried. Then she ran upstairs to relieve her brother of his anxiety and to persuade him that all was well.

IMG_E7585 Santa and Rebekah share a moment

That’s right, Santa himself showed up at our house – Maul-Hall – for no other reason than to visit with the children. And Rebekah, he was very pleased to see Rebekah too. Of course…

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