Won’t You Join Me? A personal invitation to experience Lent 2021

“If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” – Jesus, John 8:31

– Derek Maul “Invitation to a Sacred Journey” (2:30)

Recently, in a moment best described as either optimism or poor judgment, I committed to making a series of videos designed to mark my progress (and to encourage you in yours) along the dusty road from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

A handful of videos already exist somewhere deep in my YouTube catalog, from when Reaching Toward Easter was first published, but they are – admittedly – seriously “dated” and less engaging than they should be.

So – starting today and at intervals over the next six weeks – I will be sharing some new, and hopefully helpful, insights via video.

My Invitation:

Today being Shrove Tuesday, I want to begin by inviting you get involved in the following experiment/challenge. For 49 days (that’s today through Easter Monday) make the decision to be more deliberate, more intentional, and more imaginative about engaging the spirituality that is foundational to the complete human experience.

If you do this (and I am going to outline a simple approach to staying on track) then I absolutely guarantee that your experience of Easter 2021 will be more authentic, more powerful, more inspirational, and more spiritually alive than ever before.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, before you even get out of bed, pause for a moment and pray, “Lord God I offer this day to you, please fill me with your light and love. Thank you, Amen.”
  2. Read this blog every day, and become familiar with the quoted scripture.
  3. Check in again, directly with God, every mealtime.
  4. Share the daily scripture and/or your experience of God with at least one other person, daily. It’s impossible to overstate the powerful impact talking about a devotional experience has on personal faith.
  5. Consistently attend – virtual is 100% fine – worship every week.
  6. Read through John’s account of the Last Supper (John 13-17).
  7. My book, Reaching Toward Easter, can be a helpful companion to the journey.
– Derek Maul with Reaching Toward Easter

Mostly, it is your choice, your intention to deliberately set your sights on a deeper faith that absolutely makes the difference.

Not just an observance of Lent, but a real transformation! – DEREK


  1. I always enjoy observing Lent because it reminds me of the cross and the price our Savoir paid for us, and also just like when I fast and pray in January, it causes me to become more aware of whose I am and what my purpose is on this earth. I think sometimes we forget about that and tend to get in a groove of the “daily grind” and miss so many opportunities to share the love and light of Jesus with others. Miss reading your blogs, since I got my new job it’s been a little hard to catch up. You inspire me to be a better blogger and keep sharing Jesus everywhere I go. Thank you.

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  2. I’m looking forward to reading your book for the third year in a row. I bought it for my friend last year and we’ll be reading it together – virtually. Thanks for your inspiring words!

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