Beautiful Images of Icy Conditions in Wake Forest

Okay you all. True story. I have a fan (well, this bog has a fan) who for some reason feels pressured, put-out, and imposed-on when I post the occasional extra article or set of photos. “Why do you keep posting? Don’t you know I don’t have time to get to them all. It’s too much.”

First, and this goes without saying, “Thank you for reading.” And, “Thank you for being a ‘follower’ of this blog.” And, “Thank you for letting me know how you feel.”

But (and this is, as the song goes, a big but) I don’t actually post on the Pilgrim in Progress blog for you! And also, no offense, not my other reader either. I don’t post for any of you. I actually post because:

  • A) I enjoy writing, I enjoy what I call, “thinking out loud;”
  • B) I love photography, and it is fun to have a venue where I can share my images;
  • C) I honestly believe the content I share here has the potential to shape and transform lives;
  • D) I also believe that God has called me, directed me, and equipped me to get the word out and, also, to both invite others into a relationship with God and to encourage them to live as more intentional disciples of Jesus.
– writer/photographer Derek Maul

There are other reasons, but those are the most important.

So, read this blog or don’t read it, it is quite all right. Regardless, I am pleased to have more than 6,000 “followers,” and I feel privileged to engage many thousands each month in this ongoing and important conversation.


Here, then, is the reason I have posted a second time today. If you have not read this morning’s challenging column, please click here, I believe it will make you think and also be good for your soul – “Jesus is Deeply Troubled“.

Otherwise, enjoy this selection of icy images from this morning. Our promised “Winter Storm” turned out to be a non-event. But we did see some ice on the trees and it is a beautiful sight.

Peace and more peace – every day – DEREK


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