A Challenging Message from Rebekah

There is so much to share and to process right now that I will be posting a little more often than is typical – especially through these “40 days” of Lent.

– Rebekah in the pulpit

One resource I plan on pointing us to on a regular basis is the worship ministry of Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, where Rebekah serves as senior pastor. I admit to bias, of course, but it remains self-evident that Rebekah is an unusually engaging speaker who offers unique insight into God’s word. What resonates most powerfully is her sincere faith and the authenticity of her message, along with a real gift for storytelling and a disarming sense of humor.

All this was present in the Ash Wednesday worship service that kicked off our Lenten observances at WFPC. You can pick up her message at the 13-minutes mark, either here on the church FaceBook page, or via our YouTube channel, below.

Today, heading into this weekend, is a good moment to consider the framework of the season of Lent.

If you have yet to observe Ash Wednesday, then this is the beauty of technology. Pause for a few minutes, listen to the Spirit, and set out on this journey to Easter.

Peace, in every way – Derek

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