Living a dangerous goodness. Dare we follow Jesus?

May the grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I thank my God every time I mention you in my prayers. I’m thankful for all of you every time I pray, and it’s always a prayer full of joy. – Philippians 1:2-4

It’s Sunday morning! Always one of my favorite moments of any week. I am looking forward to church, I can’t wait to meet with my “Practical Christianity” Sunday school class, and – best of all – we will actually have 50 people on campus for worship!

I want to share three short items with you today:

  1. First, one simple thought from my weekly video message.
  2. Then, the video itself (just six minutes of reflection about where I am on this Lenten journey).
  3. Finally, a short list from Reaching Toward Easter.

1) A dangerous goodness?

Jesus was too much for this world to handle. His authenticity, his goodness, his truth, and his purity made his death an inevitability.

This is the challenge then, for us. Dare we pray that our goodness, our reflection of Christ, become dangerous? Dare we live such goodness that is hard – indeed too much – for this world to handle?

2) My video blog:

3) The bullet list:

This comes from page 11 of Reaching Toward Easter:

  • Resurrection presupposes crucifixion
  • Life by definition assumes death
  • Victory suggests the possibility of defeat
  • Peace involves the understanding that conflict exists
  • Good grasps the fact of evil
  • Right often requires a daring stand in the face of wrong

Praying that your weekend will be full with blessings – DEREK

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