a dozen great photos from the weekend!

Lord, you have done so many things!
    You made them all so wisely!
The earth is full of your goodness! – Psalm 104:24

This morning’s post features a lot of great photos from the weekend, featuring Max the giant Golden Retriever, our beautiful grandchildren in Miami, and then another great Sunday morning at WFPC.

Additionally (if you haven’t already seen it) I’d like to invite you to head back to yesterday’s post and view the video I shared to go along with “Living a Dangerous Goodness.”

Max Retriever:

Sunday afternoon was sunny, cold, clear, and just right for taking Max out for a long stroll.

After so many wet days, the weekend was a beautiful reminder of what a lovely neighborhood we live in.

I deliberately try to “Sabbath” my Sunday. First, going to church in the morning, then leading a Bible-study class, beautifully sets the tone for the day. We have enough day-to-day sameness in this pandemic that setting Sunday aside to be a pause, a refocus, and a deliberate refreshing is more important than ever. Critically important, I’d say.

More from Miami!

It certainly helps the current separation from family that our daughter Naomi is such a good photographer. Her images always tell stories, and we are blessed to have a constant stream from Miami.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the subjects are so adorable!

David and Beks are such great kids, and they are such good siblings to Geoffrey (now three months).

It has now been a full year since we were able to be together. But there is hope on the horizon!

Sunday at WFPC:

Sunday morning marked a significant step forward at WFPC, with the CLC open for a worship “watch party.”

Rebekah got downstairs as quickly as she could after worship. But she needn’t have hurried as nobody was going anywhere! People were that glad, that excited, that grateful to be together, in person.

We are looking forward to more, probably two services again, moving forward. This is such a great church, such a vibrant faith community, such a rich conglomeration of so many good people…

Enjoy the photographs, and have an amazing Monday! – DEREK

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