Now our feet are standing in your gates, Jerusalem!

– Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, Sunday morning April 11

I rejoiced with those who said to me,
    “Let’s go to the Lord’s house!”
 Now our feet are standing
    in your gates, Jerusalem!

Happy Monday, friends! I think I have said this before, but the experience of a wonderful Sunday morning is probably one of the best interventions possible in terms of setting up a good Monday morning and a great week too.

And it’s not that complicated, or elaborate, or difficult to pull off. I simply get up fairly early in what I call “a Sabbath frame of mind,” I go to church, I attend my Sunday school class, then I return home.

– Rebekah preaching, April 11

(If you would like to listen to Rebekah’s message from yesterday – “Temptation and Evil” – it’s on this video link, starting around the 16-minute mark.)

While it may not be rocket science, the church is – and this is important – fundamental to the complete human experience, inasmuch as we were imagined, designed, and created exactly for communion with God and community with one another.

Maybe it’s the gravity of that truth, or maybe it was simply the built up emotion of the past year – but Sunday morning, waiting for the service to begin, and listening to the “buzz” of chatter as people greeted one another around me, I found my eyes full with tears again.

I just love these people so much. And I love the inspirational, deliberate, organized, intentional, focused, in-this-together way that so many of us pull together to participate in God’s ongoing initiatives of justice, grace, mercy, light, love, and encouragement in this community.

– after church this weekend

All of that mingled together in my soul Sunday morning and filled my eyes with tears because – well – I can barely contain all the love God pours out on a regular day, let alone on a Sunday morning.

Have the most amazing, love and light saturated week – DEREK

PS – April 25 we will be adding a second in-person worship, upstairs in the sanctuary! And, of course, live-streaming will never go away and will always serve an alternative way to hook in with worship here at WFPC.

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