More springtime photos from the garden

– looking toward my parents’ home next door

I have two choices here. I could write some exciting inspirational content based on my men’s group this morning (we really did have an illuminating conversation that I’d love to share). Or I could drop in a few more photographs from this glorious spring weekend.

I think I’ll go for the photos. Especially as they contain a series of images focused on our growing collection of Japanese maple trees (remember my post about the falling branch the other day..).

If you don’t live here in Wake Forest you may think I harbor an unreasonable belief that North Carolina is an exceptionally beautiful state. But I can’t help it if it happens to be true! I will gladly enjoy any photos you post featuring your state, but ever since we moved here in 2013 I have been blown away by just how much I enjoy living in this part of the country.

So enjoy. Enjoy this weekend too. Peace – DEREK

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