Another Photo Friday – images from “Life is Good”

  • First: There’s no way it’s Friday already. That’s just absurd!
  • Second: Okay, so I guess it is Friday. Time for another “Photo Friday” post.

Garden Mayhem:

So we had this tragedy in our garden yesterday. After breakfast, as we were heading out to the deck for a second cup of coffee, Rebekah looked over the side and exclaimed, “Oh no!” A large dead branch had fallen about 45-feet from a tall pine and smashed one of our prized Japanese maple trees.

Six years of growth (as well as the large pot the tree lived in) completely destroyed. The tree was not only pulverized but the trunk severed six inches about the root.

The only good news is that we had two of this variety, and the smaller specimen has survived.

Photos from another evening walk:

Yesterday was as close to perfect as a spring day gets. Temperatures in the mid-sixties, sunshine, and lots of color in the dogwood and azalea. Rather than wax rhapsodic I will share a few more images.

The grands:

What can I say? I could post photos of this bunch every day and my readers would be thirsty for more!

Geoffrey turned five months. He is interested in everything, and he adores his brother and sister. I know we only saw him a few weeks ago but it feels too long already.

Meanwhile we are enjoying regular and wonderful images of “Mr. T.” from Germany, but of course we can’t share them because of his parents’ privacy decisions (you can read about it here – “Baby’s Internet Presence” – if you are interested in Andrew and Alicia’s rationale).

– loving Wake Forest!

But we are so excited to see how he is thriving and happy and so full of vibrant, inquisitive life.

So that’s it for “Photo Friday” this time around. I’m off to see how much it’s going to take to get my VW fixed!

Peace, and more peace – DEREK

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