A Prayer for our teens on Youth Sunday

1 Corinthians 16:14 
Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you’ve got, be resolute, and love without stopping. (The Message)

Definition of church teens: “Deeply loved initiatives of grace and promise.”

This is a prayer for the youth of our church. Feel free to pray it for the young people at your congregation – DEREK

Today, Lord, is the Sunday we celebrate both the ministry to our youth and the ministry of our youth here at WFPC. Our enthusiastic and faithful teens are critically important to what makes us unique as a faith community. There is a signature pulse of vibrant life that animates this campus, and an important element of this dynamic witness to light and truth comes from our young people. Their physical presence, exuberant and refreshing, features prominently on the list of things we have missed so very much during the pandemic.

These young people constantly remind us of how transformational your love can be, and how brightly it is possible to shine if only we lose our hesitancy and loose the spirit of Jesus in how we respond to your invitation to love.

The spiritual journey of our teens is marked by enthusiasm, by authenticity, by clarity, and by honest struggle. We have such a precious gift here at this church, dear Lord, and we want to support these deeply loved initiatives of grace and promise with our prayers, our time, our resources, our constant encouragement, and the affirming response of our own deep and consistent faithfulness.

May we always be challenged, and may we too shine with such audacity and purpose. In the name of Jesus, who gives all of us hope and life – Amen

Youth Sunday, 2021 – Derek Maul

Here is a random collection of assorted WFPC youth photos from the past couple of years:


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