Children and Trees, growing like crazy – #PhotoFriday

There are three categories in today’s “Photo Friday” collection. But the emphasis is – again – heavy on the garden. In fact, when I post “April in Review” later today the picture collection is going to be focused on flowers in a big way.


Thursday I took a swing at getting my parents’ back garden organized. There were so many leaves, along with countless piles of dead branches. Then my only option was to raise the lawnmower deck as high as possible and just tidy up. I will lower it a little more every couple of weeks as we get into summer.


Taking Max for a walk around the neighborhood I couldn’t help but notice how bright – almost luminescent – the new growth is. The trees in Tyler Run are spectacular (note to developers: people like it if you don’t cut down all the trees in the world!). There has literally been an explosion of new leaves, and the other houses are disappearing behind a curtain of foliage.


Finally, the requisite pics from Miami. Baby Geoffrey is now less baby and very much little boy. His curiosity is growing and his personality is beginning to come out.

It has only been a month since they came to visit for my birthday, and it’s already way beyond past time to catch up again.

It’s a Wrap:

So, just a short post for now. Stay tuned for “April in Review” later today. Then, sometime this weekend, I have an important post commenting on a pivotal event in our lives.

Peace, and more peace – DEREK

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