Jesus said, “You feed them!” (not the deer!)

That evening the disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.”

But Jesus said, “That isn’t necessary — you feed them.”

Matthew 14:15-16

Today – May 1st – I want to focus on one of the most dynamic and creative ministries of our church (Wake Forest Presbyterian) and to highlight some of the ongoing work of our adult mission team.

Typically, especially during the summer months, WFPC sends out multiple mission teams. Most of these comprise youth and their advisors, but a handful always provide opportunity for adults to “get their hands dirty” and to share the good news via acts of service.

This year the pandemic has put the brakes on most such ventures. But one of the adult mission teams already had this past week blocked off and they decided to get a project done regardless. So they put their considerable energy and talents to work with an arm of our multifaceted hunger ministry initiative.

It just so happens that the local deer (“Triangle Deer” being college educated and tech-savvy) had figured out how to foil the electric fence and eat a considerable portion of the Community Garden harvest (click here for more on WFPC’s garden).

Our garden is massive and extremely productive. Literally thousands of pounds of food go to various hunger programs.

So the team are building a fence that not even the “Engineer Deers” of The Triangle can master!


WFPC member and ministry enthusiast Si usually leads the charge when it comes to projects such as this. But Si is not feeling 100% at the moment, and the rest of the team have responded with ramped up enthusiasm and a deep commitment to honor Si and to make him proud in everything they do.

They asked me to take a few photographs, and I was able to be there when they both thanked God for the opportunity to serve and lifted Si up in heartfelt prayer.

It was a beautiful moment. Because while it may be ministry, doing everything in the name of Jesus, ministry involves real people who love, and care, and serve, and encourage one another in so many ways.

These photographs only tell a small part of the story. The main part is still being written, still being lived, as the faithful and creative missions of WFPC continue to connect so many people with God’s beautiful and generous love.

Peace – DEREK

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