a photo tour of the WFPC rose garden and a look around our campus

My love for you has my heart on fire!
    My passion for your house consumes me!
    Nothing will turn me away… – Psalm 69:9

Saturday afternoon I looked out at the spectacular weather and decided it made for a great opportunity to photograph the WFPC campus. The rose garden is not in full bloom yet, but there is enough going on to make the shoot a worthwhile project.

There are a lot of things I could write to invite people to church. So today I’m going with a simple visual instead.

You can see the love and care this congregation gives to our campus, the love and care we offer to the community through the garden, and the love and respect we offer to God as stewards of such a gift.

– taking pics on campus

Enjoy the tour, into the Rose Garden and around the church campus – and the consider coming by for a visit one day.

I will see you in church. Peace, and more – DEREK

these are in the order I took them, walking around Saturday afternoon

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