Stumbling into truth and light…

For human anger is never a legitimate tool to promote God’s righteous purpose. So this is why we abandon everything morally impure and all forms of wicked conduct. Instead, with a sensitive spirit we absorb God’s Word, which has been implanted within our nature, for the Word of Life has power to continually deliver us. Don’t just listen to the Word of Truth and not respond to it, for that is the essence of self-deception. So always let his Word become like poetry written and fulfilled by your life! – James 1:20-22

– writer/disciple Derek Maul

Okay, friends, this is why daily Bible reading, and simply placing ourselves in the presence of God is valuable on so many levels. Stumbling into truth that resolutely seeps in and works its way deep into our souls is essential for engaging the kind of life Jesus was talking about when he used ideas such as “abundance,” and “fullness,” and “light.”

If you read yesterday’s post – “Confessions of a Worrying Gentile” – you will understand that there is a lot going on in my life right now that is tilting me in the direction of struggle, and doubt, and anxiety, and stress.

– a moment with God’s word

Some of the circumstances are also cause – or at least an excuse – for anger, and resentment, and more doubt.

But the scriptures have a way of illuminating life, and boring through the confusion and into the heart of the truth. And the truth is that, as the reading from James puts it, “The word of life has power to continually deliver us.”

I really appreciate that perspective.

On the way to my Bible study group Wednesday evening I stopped off at the garden to pray. I framed a few photographs, prayerfully, as I did around our home too. And, yes, God spoke to me through the tranquility and the regenerative testimony of the gardens.

– one of the gardens at WFPC

But God also spoke to me through the scriptures. In fact, reading the Bible can be a form of prayer – because engaging the Bible has to be prayer or, otherwise, what would be the point? The scriptures teach us about God, they bring us closer to God, and they bring a word from God.

Yes, the word of life has power to deliver me, to redirect and to save me, to illuminate my path. And it does that continually.

May we all in such a way draw close to the divine light – DEREK

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