Chasing waterfalls in Western North Carolina

– Dry Falls, North Carolina

I will leave the in-depth travel posts (and the more serious photographs from my Nikon) for next week when we return to Wake Forest. But I am partially documenting our adventures on my phone, so here are a few more shots from August 5.

– Whitewater Falls, NC

For me and Rebekah, one of our favorite vacation pastimes is “chasing waterfalls.” Western North Carolina is home to some of the most spectacular and accessible examples in the state – especially after there has been so much recent rain.

First, we drove almost into South Carolina for the short hike up to Whitewater Falls. The Whitewater River drops 411 feet at the upper falls, and another 400 at the lower.

The views are amazing. Both from the top of the trail and then all the way down at the bottom of the steps.

We then made our way into Cashiers for lunch before a brief stop at Bridal Falls (no pics in this post) and then a nice climb down to Dry Falls – also known as Upper Cullasaja Falls – where an unbelievable volume of water drops 80 feet.

There is something about the mountain air that is deeply cleansing and refreshing – more so when there is a waterfall involved.

Whatever is going on, these few days are undeniably good for us. Good air, good refreshment, good being together, good exploring, good friends, good getting away.

Life is – in a word – good; and experiencing days like this together always leads us to respond in gratitude, awe, and praise. – DEREK

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