tree trouble, grandchildren, beard news, and Max #PhotoFriday

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

Jesus – Matthew 6:34
– a new look for the back of my parents’ home!

So I was heading out to my car during Wednesday’s rain when a movement caught my peripheral vision and I turned to watch this tree – quite a tall one – fall onto the back of my parents’ house. Mum and dad were sitting just the other side of the window, and they didn’t even notice!

The tree fell surprisingly quietly. In fact, this one made me wonder, If a tree topples over in the forest and doesn’t make any sound, has it really fallen?

Fortunately, there was no damage at all. The next day my friend Larry and his work crew had it off the house, chainsawed flush with the ground, cut up cleaned up and taken away – all in around 40 minutes! Very impressive.

The amazing grandchildren:

Then there are the beautiful and beyond-photogenic grandchildren. But just the Miami three, of course, because two-year-old Mr. T. in Bahrain is still not Internet approved. What I can say is that he is growing in all the right ways, thriving at preschool, and everything we see shows an amazing two-year-old boy in love with life (and learning) and making his grandparents long to see him.

I love this picture of Beks sitting in the backseat of the car, evidently saying something funny to her mother. One of the effects on my photo program is a feature to adjust “brightness.” But in practice there is no possibility of enhancing the brightness of this one; she shines gloriously and with such radiant light!

Preparing to say goodbye to the beard:

The next photos feature more trimming but this time no chainsaws were involved. The beard is (I have just about decided) going to go. I asked my hairdresser, Lauren, to use the most drastic setting when she did my haircut and tidy-up. Now I can (maybe) finish the job with less trauma.

This has been my first ever beard and I am really struggling with the decision. I enjoyed having it more than I can say. But at least now I know it’s possible again in the future. Look for a clean-shaven mug shot sometime in the next few days.

Mr. Max:

Finally, Max Retriever. Max is beyond excited to see the beginnings of autumn weather here in Wake Forest, and I absolutely feel the same way. He has this constant urge to go out and take another walk around the neighborhood and I am pleased to join him.

I am so grateful for this huge, galumphing, big-hearted lover of a dog.

In conclusion:

It looks like the long, hot summer is finally over, and I am looking forward to photographing Wake Forest in all of its fine fall colors.

But the most beautiful thing about living here is simply the ebb and flow of routine day-to-day life.

– Thursday afternoon: one last look at the beard…

We have this life together, and for all the challenges and disappointments and conflicts we constantly see play out in the news there is no denying we have a pretty good thing going on here in America.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that we have the good sense to recognize that we’re all in this together, and to keep it.

Peace, and I mean that in every way – DEREK

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