The crocodile, the puppy, the kitty, and the grandchild! (Photo-Friday)

– Geoffrey and the croc
  • (All grandchild photos by Naomi Campbell)

 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. 

John 1:16

This week’s “Photo-Friday” could be subtitled, “Using my grandson as a crocodile bait!”

So it turns out that Geoffrey (almost 11-months) loves animals. He is best buds with the dog, he plays with the cat, and now it looks like he’d like to make friends with the crocodile too!

This month our daughter’s schedule has been, “Get up, eat breakfast, take David and Beks to school, then head over to Zoo Miami for some one-on-one time with the baby.”

I had to scroll back through a couple of weeks to find a photo of the other two children! But I hadn’t shared this one previously, so it was worth the search; there certainly is enough adorability to go around.

– Beks and David in Miami

Today’s final Photo-Friday image is from Maul-Hall, where Max continues to bless us with his calm, steady presence.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone; keep your eyes open for blessings and continue to watch this space.

Peace – DEREK

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