A few quirky but fun shots from Photo-Friday

This week’s “Photo-Friday” is more along the lines of interesting than beautiful. Each image is a little bit quirky, and they all tell a story.

From Andrew and Alicia in Bahrain (“Lieutenant Commander Drew, representing the United Federation of Planets, and his Ukrainian Bride”), to the unflattering but funny hot-dog candid shot, to our grandson Geoffrey’s relationship with the cat. So here we go, one bullet point for each:

  • To all those worried about “red-shirt = dead Star Trek dude”, get your series facts straight! In “the Picard era” – a.k.a. The Next Generation – the main characters all wore red. Andrew is safe – other than the threat of a Ukrainian takeover!
  • We’re not exactly flush with fall colors yet. But the dogwood is giving its best and we appreciate the effort.
  • One of Rebekah’s bromeliad plants is sharing some beautiful blooms.
  • “Am I really eating this?” At Hasentree Thursday, the first hot-dogs we’ve had in years, we are savoring the moment.
  • Our youngest grandchild, Geoffrey, loves the family cat, Bristow. The feeling is mutual.
  • David, #1 grandson, looks to be flying toward the basket along with the ball!

That’s it for Photo-Friday. Have an amazing weekend. Peace – DEREK

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