November 2021 in 30 photographs

– bonus pick because Geoffrey took his first step!

How can I summarize 30 days in 30 photos? Impossible, of course, yet it’s also fun to collage a splash of images that gives the month a visual voice.

By all measurements, November was full.

  • You will see photos of us, my parents, and Naomi’s beautiful family in Miami (great pics, Naomi!).
  • There are no images from Bahrain, but by all accounts Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T. are making a good home there and making a real impact at the school.
  • The massive and handsome Max Retriever features in quite a few.
  • Then there are several “Derek and Rebekah go to church” pictures.
  • Finally, I have included a few photographs featuring the beauty of fall here in Wake Forest.

What a lot of life, crammed into 30 days. But isn’t that always the opportunity being alive presents? Especially when life is animated by such a sense of love, and purpose, and meaning, and promise.

Enjoy the tour. Just 30 clicks, and I can guarantee enough in the way of smiles to justify the 60-seconds.

Peace and love; hope and light – DEREK

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