My best bird photos from a snowy Saturday in Wake Forest

Birds are, in a sense, a guided interactional devotional experience. It is as if I have been personally invited into a festival of beauty and praise by The Creator. Maybe I have?

The following is always a great combination – for photography, for serendipity, and also for smiles: January, North Carolina, snow, cold, woods, and freshly replenished bird food.

They all came. They came for breakfast, they came for mid-morning snacks, they came for lunch, they came for afternoon tea, and they will be back for dinner. Then they will all swing back around and repeat the ritual so long as the food holds out and the temperatures remain around freezing.

I have my favorites, like the beautiful yellow bird shown above. But they all bring smiles. Today we had as many as eight distinct species at one time, with probably more Slate-colored Juncos than anything else today.

Finches – red and yellow, Cardinals, Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Wrens, Juncos, Downy Woodpeckers, Titmouses, Chickadees… and more.

– “Seriously, one of us needs to talk to him…”

Probably my favorite shot is the one with four birds on a feeder and one upside down. My suggested caption would be: “Seriously, one of us needs to talk to him…”

It may just be me – and I apologize if I am pushing the “you have to take a look at this!” too hard – but there is something about these beautiful, agile, gravity-defying creatures that reaches into the depths of my soul and makes it sing.

So enjoy the serendipity, I have tried to group them in related series. Regardless, I know I feel better already!

  1. The little yellow guys
  2. Fly-bys and landings
  3. On the hook
  4. On and around the peanut butter log
  5. Miscellaneous



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