If we do Lent right then we won’t get Easter wrong!

 As the time approached when Jesus was to be taken up into heaven, he determined to go to Jerusalem.

Luke 9:51

Plan ahead and order now:

My calendar tells me we are fast approaching the season of Lent, the weeks leading up to Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, and the explosively joyful celebration that is Easter! This year the journey begins March 2nd, with the observance of Ash Wednesday.

– “thumbs up” while holding a book while taking a selfie!

So I am going to recommend a little planning ahead. Not just “Oh, I guess we shouldn’t forget about Lent and Easter!” but actually reading a daily devotional book that will guide you in the right direction – a book that features solid Bible content, great stories, helpful prayers, and just the right pacing to keep the entire experience fresh.

Lent is traditionally advertised as a 40-day journey, but by the time you include the six Sundays, then add Easter Day (because that’s where this story is headed!) Lent comes out to 47.

From my perspective – and especially in terms of getting the rhythm right so this all fits in with The Big Picture of our faith year round – I have included two more days, Shrove Tuesday (a.k.a. “Fat Tuesday”, or “Pancake Day” in the U.K.) and then Easter Monday.

Shrove Tuesday puts the starting point into focus, and where we are going to be headed during Lent; then Easter Monday sets our trajectory forward as Easter People.


I often find myself talking about how Jesus is God’s invitation for us to participate in salvation, and to join in with The Creator’s generous initiatives of love, grace, mercy, peace, justice, light, and redemption.

Well, this is my invitation to take a deliberate, intentional journey toward The Resurrection in 2022, and to arrive at Holy Week and then Easter Sunday, and ultimately the balance of this year, with our walk alongside Jesus focused, and our way forward clear.

And, especially if you have not taken this devotional journey before, please remember I am more than happy do dialogue with you along the way.

49 days.

Peace, and more peace – DEREK

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