We Are the World (more from Rebekah in Bahrain)

– Bahraini family so gracious to Rebekah

The earth and everything on it belong to the Lord.
    The world and all its people belong to him.

Psalm 24:1

Today I have a great collection of photographs to share from Bahrain. The real stories, of course, are going to have to come from Rebekah, and so I plan to encourage her to write either some “guest posts” here or to publish more directly on Facebook.

Almost all of these pictures are from the day she and Alicia went off for a “girls adventure” together while Andrew took a quiet day at home – some from Rebekah and some from Alicia.

But if one image captures what this adventure has been about then it is this key picture, the portrait of a Bahraini family.

Rebekah and Alicia were in a craft district when a bus pulled up and a crowd of people got off, all dressed as if they were going to a wedding or a royal reception.

Naturally, Rebekah talked with them. “You look wonderful! May I take a photograph?”

It turns out they were an extended family. They had decided to come into Manama for the day and so they rented a bus and all piled in. Dressing up, they said, is what they do when they have a special day or an outing.

Not only did they okay the photos, they invited Rebekah and Alicia into the group! Rebekah said they were wonderfully gracious people, very open, and they generously gave their time to talk.

– Rebekah learning about working at the loom

In other photographs you can see:

  • Rebekah at a historical site
  • Rebekah at the loom (with a little help),
  • the basket weaver – his name is Selah
  • and the amazing pottery.

As you scroll through the photos, take a moment to pray for Andrew and Alicia, and the important work they are doing as international teachers.

What a world we live in! What a privilege to see so much of it. And, how much there is to learn from so many good people.

God created all of it, and we are all God’s children.

Peace – and I mean that in a global sense too – DEREK


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