Beauty on a Gloomy Day; Hope for Gloomy Hearts

– seeing beauty in the bare trees behind our house

The Creator has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11

It’s another grey, cold, wintery day here in Wake Forest. We’ve had rain, there is the promise of more to come, and the temperature likely won’t make it out of the 40’s.

At first glance, you could say the outlook is gloomy.

Gloomy is also a good word to describe – on the surface – how I feel! I won’t list a litany of reasons, because if you read me much then you already know that emotional fatigue is part of the care-giving story. Just ramped up a bit this past week.

Instead, then, here is a list of antonyms. Try saying them out loud!

  • bright,
  • cheerful,
  • clear,
  • sunny,
  • happy,
  • hopeful,
  • joyful,
  • light,
  • luminous,
  • encouraged.

Just reading these words makes you feel better, right?

So this morning I thought (after breakfast and before heading next door to see my parents) it would be a good idea to take a ten minute walk and look for something beautiful to photograph.

Or, expressed in a better way, to look for and photograph things that strikes me as beautiful.

Even the view behind our house, looking into the leafless trees and the hodgepodge of uneven fencing, has a deep beauty in the textures of the trees, the architecture of the branches, the multiple hues of grey and the subtle pops of color.

So I walked down our street, where the Weeping Willow is beginning to come out. Then I turned onto Holding Avenue to see several trees loaded with early blossoms and, even though Tuesday night’s storm blew a lot to the ground, it still makes a spectacular display.

The picket fences, the intricate blossoms against the backdrop of cold cloudy skies, the homes full with life and love and imagination.

Beauty is there, all we have to do is to open our eyes. Hope is there too, and promise, all we have to do is to open our hearts.

Like I said, always a work in progress. Always learning. Always a Pilgrim. – DEREK


  1. Thank you for reminding us that we just need to take a moment and we can go from gloomy to hopeful, beautiful and refreshing and loving. We just need to make the adjustment.

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