Photo Friday: May your day be filled with images that inspire you!

– Morgan, Rebekah, Elaine, Savanah

Photo Friday this week begins in Durham, where Rebekah and I met cousins for dinner and conversation around higher education.

Shafe and Elaine Alexander’s girls (Morgan and Savanah) are looking at North Carolina State and Duke. So we met at their hotel before heading into downtown Durham to “It’s a Southern Thing” for dinner. I enjoyed an excellent interpretation of the classic North Carolina shrimp and grits, and – most especially – catching up with the family.

Every time we get together with Shafe’s family (Shafe is the son of Rebekah’s late uncle Charlie) we have a great time and wish we were closer. But it’s hard to keep up with cousins and we are grateful for these moments. And, if the girls make the right choice and settle on Duke and NC State, we can look forward to seeing them more over the next few years.

Down in Miami Geoffrey (My Grandson’s Fractured Leg and the Children of Ukraine) saw the orthopedic specialist and got his cast taken care of. They were hoping for rainbows but vivid orange will have to do.

He is amazingly adaptive, and everything points to a quick recovery. Your prayers, however, continue to be valued as time goes by. Geoffrey may be adaptive and flexible, but the rest of the family have to deal with this too!

Meanwhile, here at home, Max got a visit from his friend, Emmy.

Emmy is growing like a weed, but absolutely still a rambunctious puppy. Max, of course, handled it like the pro therapy dog he is.

Emmy graduated from her first series of training sessions with Keith and has made progress in leaps and bounds. While still, of course, leaping and bounding nonetheless.

Finally, I wanted to include this image featuring some pottery.

I have talked about art before, and how important it is both to visit in museums and to enjoy in our home. Well, these three pieces are all examples of ceramics. One by our son – when he was in high school; one by our granddaughter, Beks – a couple of years ago; and one by a professional artist in Richmond.

The grouping caught my eye a couple of days ago, so I am using it to round out today’s collection.

May you find inspiration here, and may your day be loaded with images that inspire you. – DEREK

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