Family portrait day with the children in the park

Sunday afternoon was a cool, clear, and breezy Spring Day – perfect for running around Wake Forest’s picturesque and expansive Joyner Park. The only real challenge was to find some shade for a series of family portraits.

I know you are here for the photographs, so I will try to get right to it and avoid too many words. But first I have to say how blessed we are to have such a beautiful family.

If you are new to this blog let me make some introductions so you know “who’s who” in the photos:

  1. There’s me. This is my blog, and – typically – I am the one holding the camera. My writing seems to work for the same reason my photography does; essentially, it’s because I tend to pay attention.
  2. Then there is my wife, Rebekah. She recently retired following a forty-year career as a Presbyterian minister. She is the most beautiful, talented, eloquent, and spiritually astute person I know.
  3. Our daughter Naomi, and her husband Craig live in Miami. He manages a Trader Joe’s store, she is a stay-at-home mom and talented artist; their three children are David (10), Beks (8), and Geoffrey (16-months).
  4. Max is our huge (95-pound) Golden Retriever.

The best photos, I believe, tell good stories. And this family is an amazing, encouraging, fun, evolving story of love and commitment that is worth telling because it is such a joy to live.

Enjoy! I believe this collection of photographs will make you smile – DEREK

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