Passing it on: celebrating four generations of faithful love

There can be a lot that gets passed along, generation to generation. Family stories, history, genes, opportunities, gifts, giftedness, a love for certain things. But probably the most important inheritance turns out to be faithfulness, commitment, and love.

We are a family that not only believes we are God’s dearly beloved children, but puts that belief into practice and is intentional about passing on the gift of faith to the children, the grandchildren, and beyond.

– passing it on

We go to church; we share generously; we pray not just before meals but as a part of our life together; we talk about what it means to know and love God; we are intentional about living as followers of the Way of Jesus.

“It’s what Mauls do,” our daughter Naomi says. She understands the relationship between faithfulness and love.

This is another family photo-shoot post (see Family Portrait Day in the Park). But this time we managed to include “the Ancients” next door.

We all gathered for dinner Tuesday evening (Naomi outdid herself with an amazing pasta dish, and Rebekah made a phenomenal pound cake) and took advantage of the opportunity to include everyone for this four-generation grouping.

Again, I will let the photographs speak for themselves.

Love is a beautiful thing – DEREK

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