Five images from the weekend (life is good even when it is hard)

The next day the people in Jerusalem heard that Jesus was coming there. These were the crowds of people who had come to the Passover festival. They took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Jesus. They shouted,

“‘Praise Him!’
 ‘Welcome! God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord!’”

John 12:12-13
– Derek and Rebekah Maul

Yes, this was a very hard weekend. That much has been established (see “The Business End of Love“). But the story of our life as a family is ongoing, and complex, and multi-faceted, and beautiful. So here are some images from the weekend that illustrate all of that.

First – and this is an important context – Sunday was Palm Sunday and this is Holy Week. Of course Rebekah and I spent the morning at worship.

The picture celebrates the fact that, finally, we have our official name tags. Woohoo!

I am a huge proponent of name tags, especially now that I don’t have the easy-to-recognize status of being the pastor’s spouse. Hudson is a good-sized congregation, with a couple of hundred people in attendance any given week, and I need all the help possible getting to know who is who in the pew.

Well worn paths:

Part of this weekend’s shift to assisted living for dad means mum spending more time over here at Maul Hall. It is critically important that she not feel isolated, or alone, and so the well-worn path between the two homes is getting even more traffic than usual.

Max loves to run back and forth, and he is always at my mum’s side – or running ahead – when she is making the trek.

Joy from Miami:

Finally, these two images from Miami, where Geoffrey continues to bring such joy to his family, and Beks continues to be – well – Beks.

I don’t know what it is about a hat, but Beks seems to be able to wear one with the same degree of poise and panache that her grandmama Rebekah has always been able to pull off.

Let your heart shine!

Enjoy these photos, let your heart shine, and stay tuned for more serious “Holy Week” content coming up. In the meanwhile, have a day that literally shines with the light of many blessings and untold serendipities.



  1. Hi, Derek,

    Please give my love to your parents i remember them very fondly and think of them often and especially every time I hear about/see pictures of the moon landing as we (the youth group) watched it in your house

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