Life and Retirement and Gardening…

The Lord God took the human(s) and settled him (them) in the garden of Eden to farm it and to take care of it.

Genesis 2:15
– Rebekah working with the plants

As an observer by trade (both writing and photography require a great deal of eyes and ears open paying attention) I often find myself simultaneously participating in and standing outside of the same experience. Once in a while I can pull off both, but more typically I tend to miss a lot of great photographs.

This weekend I could have taken a thousand pictures and still missed some good ones, but instead I’m going to rely on just a few to help me get my point across.

My point is that spring is hitting us so fast and so brilliantly it’s hard to look at the same view twice in the same day and fail to note some amazing changes. If I stare long enough at a tree I swear I can see leaves popping out right in front of my eyes.

– Rebekah watering

Consequently, Rebekah cannot keep out of the garden! But she is doing her best to listen to the warning signals her back sends out, using a lawn chair when possible, and following the shade as it moves around the house.

Life and “Retirement” and Gardening…

I don’t think we will ever get on top of everything that needs to be done – especially as we take care of my parents’ house too – but isn’t that the point of gardening? Like life (and more particularly, like retirement) the garden ends up being a series of forays and campaigns, changing plans, small triumphs, setbacks, and more vision than implementation!

– Derek Maul writes and drinks coffee in Wake Forest, NC

The beauty of this life is the journey. If it didn’t involve challenge, and course correction, and lots of mess, and unfinished projects, and so much to do with not nearly enough time, then it wouldn’t be real life… it wouldn’t be “retirement”… and it certainly wouldn’t be our garden!

Early morning “coffee cheers” from our deck – and have an amazing week. Love and blessings – DEREK


  1. Something Rebekah might try. I have a stool on wheels with a place below the seat for storing gardening tools. I used it this morning to roll down my flower bed as I pulled weeds. I have back issues and can only do that about an hour at the time but it really helps. I got it from either Lowes or Home Depot in the gardening section.

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