A Visual Feast! May in 31 photos

Ever since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities—God’s eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, because they are understood through the things God has made. 

Romans 1:20
– writer/photographer Derek Maul

Again, given the scope and variety of everything that transpired in May, this post is a close to impossible task. However, I will not only limit myself to the 31, but I can guarantee a visual feast as you look at the photographs. Just click the first image, then scroll through and enjoy.

  1. Wilson First Presbyterian
  2. Maul Hall
  3. Alicia in Bahrain
  4. Mr. T. in Bahrain
  5. Beks in Miami
  6. Golf at NC State
  7. Golf cont…
  8. Rebekah at Wilson
  9. Derek and Rebekah (our only Sunday at Wilson)
  10. At the Van Gogh Immersion Experience
  11. Van Gogh and Rebekah
  12. The (fateful) broken feet/ankle/toe
  13. Looking across to my parents’ house
  14. Andrew with his 5th grade class in Bahrain
  15. Naomi and David in Miami
  16. Rocky Mount Presbyterian
  17. My photography gig at Rocky Mount
  18. The crowd at Rocky Mount
  19. Mum and Dad
  20. Mum and Dad’s 70th anniversary!
  21. Mum and Dad’s 70th anniversary!
  22. Mum and Dad’s 70th anniversary!
  23. Mum and Dad’s 70th anniversary!
  24. Many kids at Zoo Miami with Naomi
  25. Beks shining!
  26. Tyler Run
  27. Maul Hall garden
  28. Rebekah back in church (Hudson)
  29. Prayer doves
  30. Gotta love my morning coffee!
  31. “Derek and Rebekah go to church” – in a wheelchair….

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