“Happy Birthday Rebekah!” (and a timeless birthday story…)

I always love telling this story.
The participants are: Rebekah, her dad, the unfortunate young man who imagined himself my rival, and – remotely, over in England – me.
Enjoy this classic from 1977 – via 2020. – DEREK

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey


“Happy birthday” to Rebekah; I am blessed to be saying it for the 44th time! If anyone should have a day filled with joy, peace, rest, and blessings, then it is my amazing wife. Now if we could only get together with those beautiful grandchildren…

I have a great story from that first “Happy Birthday,” back in 1977:

Rebekah and I had been dating five months, and I was in England for part of the summer. I sent a birthday card, but the mail being what it is the greeting failed to arrive on time.

Meanwhile, my future father-in-law was concerned. By this time Bob Alexander actually liked me (which is a whole other story..), and because of this he was unhappy about a young man who was – unsuccessfully – vying for Rebekah’s attention. Rick waged a summer-long campaign culminating with a dozen beautiful red roses sent to the…

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  1. Happy Birthday to Rebekah from former Trinity Pres. friends! Conoly and Charlie Barker

    On Mon, Jul 18, 2022, 5:47 AM Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for


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