Bringing my new MacBook Air online… “Hey Steve, can I get a little help here?”

– what’s in the box

Today – following a series of disappointments over several years with HP, Dell, and then Lenovo – I finally abandoned my attempt to use less expensive laptops for work “on the go,” and fired up a new MacBook Air. I have enjoyed the iMac here on my desktop for more than a decade, and am hoping the experience remains just as positive when I can’t make it to my office.

Essentially, all I need a laptop for is to write, process photographs, track finances, and access the Internet. It’s not a big ask, but evidently too much of a challenge for the aforementioned products.

My fundamental issue as a consumer is lack of tech savvy. But I do have a fairly well developed sense of logic, and Mac products – at least for me – tend to be more intuitive, and forgiving.

Of course, I messed up enough that I ended up having to change my Apple ID password (twice!) during the process. But fortunately I did not need to come up with a new fingerprint! And all the apps seem to have made it across – including WordPress – so I think I’m in business.

Here’s a new message that just popped up on my screen while I am typing: “See what’s new in macOS Monterey. Discover new ways to stay connected, get more done, and work seamlessly across devices.” It’s like Apple knows what I’m thinking; maybe Steve Jobs didn’t die after all, maybe he’s just living inside my Mac!

– non-techie Derek Maul

Interestingly, I first started out on an Apple IIe, then an Apple IIGS, back in the mid-80’s. I remember getting my GS through the “Apple for the Teacher” discount program. We have this great memory from around 1987, when five-year-old Andrew was watching Rebekah try to make something work on the new computer. “Don’t worry mama,” he said, placing his little hand on her shoulder, “it just takes some people longer to learn than others.”

We have all come a long way since that day. However, and I am feeling this quite profoundly this morning, it still takes some of us a little longer than others.

A little help, Steve, if you’re still in there….? – DEREK

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