The grace of long-term friendships that stand the test of time

So continue encouraging each other and building each other up, just like you are doing already.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

This is the last day of the month, and I plan to offer my traditional “August in 31 photos” post either later today or tomorrow morning. Regardless, August 2022 has been epic in terms of both photography and readership.

I have, for the first time ever, noted an unbelievable 31,000 views over the past 31 days. That’s an unprecedented thousand views per day average. Of course I am happy to welcome any visitor that stops by, and I would be even happier still if a few of the “I’m only here for the photos” crowd decided to stay around and read on a regular basis!

And maybe buy a couple of books too? – Derek Maul’s book page at Amazon – Hey, a writer can dream, yes?!

Good Friends are Timeless:

– Lynn, Randy, Derek, Rebekah

So I’d like to complete my series of posts from the Washington DC wedding weekend with this shout-out to Lynn and Randy Marx in Richmond, Virginia. They heard we were driving back to Wake Forest Sunday afternoon and invited us to stop by their home for an early dinner.

Rebekah and Lynn have been friends since somewhere around 1967, when Lynn’s family moved to the obscure Central Florida town of Leesburg and attended First Presbyterian Church, where Bob Alexander served as pastor. Her family didn’t stay more than a handful of years, but some friendships stand the test of time.

Lynn and Randy lived in Texas and then Virginia, where they raised their girls and are now deeply involved in helping to raise their grandchildren. Life is not always straightforward, or easy, but they exemplify the power and the beauty of not only faith but faithfulness.

So dinner at “Chez Marx” was not only a welcome break in our journey but a positive moment of renewal in friendship. Too often (and, sadly, I experienced this recently with one of my closest childhood friends) time and distance erode connections to the extent that relationships can be ignored then eventually tossed with hardly a second thought.

So, “cheers” to and prayers for Lynn and Randy, as well as gratitude for all the good people who have not only journeyed with us over the years but also have the grace of consistency and patience, working to keep the connections alive.

Because we were created with community in mind, not only with God but with – and for – one another too – DEREK

– Showing Rebekah the beautiful front garden

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