Ten Images – bright and soggy – for Photo Friday (Sept 30)

Whoever pursues righteousness and love
    finds life, prosperity and honor.

Proverbs 21:21
– morning walk with the umbrella

This morning, as you can see if you look out your window pretty much anywhere in the Southeastern United States, is wet, blustery, and full with some part of Hurricane Ian’s enormous reach. We’re expecting heavy rain all day, and then tonight possibly tropical storm forced winds.

Photo Friday tells the story of a week that begins and ends with spending time with dad. The cooler temperatures have made taking him outside much more of an option (well, for around 30-seconds until my mum says something like, “Dad doesn’t like this bitter cold.” or, “He will catch a bad cold in this bitterly cold wind.”) Of course it’s been 65-70 degrees, and he loves getting out in the fresh air.

I captured a poignant image while pushing dad’s wheelchair and – to me – it spoke clearly to the challenge of negotiating the road ahead. Even from the back you can almost feel their hesitancy as they move forward down this particular path. Then the photo of mum holding the commemorative book about Queen Elizabeth II speaks for itself. It was a birthday gift from their first grandchild, Hannah.

Geoffrey, now 22 months, was fascinated with Hurricane Ian’s wind and rain in Orlando. Then, in a priceless image (good photo-journalism work, Naomi!) you can see him expressing his frustration that he is not allowed into his sister’s room while she concentrates on her homework. He really does wear his feelings on his sleeve… or hang them on the doorknob!

Rebekah continues to put time in the garden just about every day. She is finding her rhythm and the garden is beginning to give some hints at what is possible if we keep this up for a year or so.

Then, in the face of today’s promise of nothing-but-rain, there is Max, sitting in the open door to the garage and watching. “Is it worth getting my paws wet?” he is thinking, “or can I just hold it for a few more hours?”

If you enjoy the photos, then look for “September in 30 photos” coming your way sometime soon. And, as always, peace and love to you all – DEREK

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