September 2022 in 30 Pictures

September had a lot of everything: Searing heat, beautiful hints of fall, torrential rains, and then Hurricane Ian’s blustery reminder that the tropics are determined to be anything but quiet.

– writer/photographer Derek Maul: camera ready for what comes next!

The month also marked tremendous progress in our garden, a wedding ring found, the passing of a queen, the joy of remarkable grandchildren, continued life and love with my parents (91 and 94), an opportunity for Rebekah to share God’s word from the pulpit, and preparations for next week’s vacation to the south coast of England.

Through it all I have been able to document some small glimpses of the profound beauty and the light that always surrounds us along our way as pilgrims in progress.

October looks to be epic, so stay tuned for me stories and photographs and words. I try, but nothing quite comes close to capturing the wonder and the love that define our journey through 2022.

Peace, hope, light, grace, mercy, love, and promise – DEREK

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