Our Beautiful Grandchildren (and a prayer request)

– Naomi, Craig, and the children at Disney

This morning’s post is short because we are headed out on vacation. YAY!!!!!! Rebekah and I are flying to England, where we will be meeting up with Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T. You can be sure to anticipate all kinds of stories and photographs as we explore some of my old haunts, as well as some new ones too.

Meanwhile, down in Orlando, Naomi and her family are enjoying a few Disney days. Joy to me is quite straightforward at the moment; it is the simple fact that our children are happy, and our grandchildren too.

The prayer request is – as always nowadays – centered around my parents. My dad is doing as well as we could hope at the assisted living home where he lives. Mum is alright, but she is not feeling great about the fact that I will be away.

Yes, we have her covered in terms of care, but the more encouragement she can receive, the better.

Stay tuned for so much – English stuff – over the next couple of weeks. I think there will be a lot to enjoy.

Peace, love, grace, and blessings – DEREK


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