Our Airbnb, incinerating food, and social protocol

– it’s a little breezy at the beach!

So far it looks as if our accommodations will work beautifully. Lots of space, a decent kitchen, livable (not staged for designer chic), an upstairs suite where Rebekah and I can hide, and a five-minute walk over the dunes to the beach.

We will know for sure when the tornado of a three-year-old and his parents arrive this afternoon, but so far so good.

– Rebekah at Rye

Some of you may think I’m still English, but far from it! I’ve lived in the USA since 1976 and since my last visit with Rebekah – in 1992 – I’ve been here for a week in 1999 and five days in 2010. This really is a foreign country.

So I have completely forgotten how differently everything operates here. Plugs and switches and appliances; how doors and windows lock and unlock; centigrade versus Fahrenheit (very important when cooking!) – and so much more. I keep trying to get in the wrong side of the car, I’m bracing myself for sticker shock when I first fill up the tank, and the social protocols I grew up with will probably never have time to kick in (Walking into a bakery – for example – approaching the counter, and loudly proclaiming “Hi, how are y’all doing” is, apparently, not standard procedure…).

In a few minutes we’re headed back into Rye to pick up Andrew and family from the train station (first picture, below). I have to go to the shops first, so we’ll see how that goes!

Stay tuned for more. There is going to be a lot! – DEREK

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