English breakfast, English MG-cruising, and English beach croquet

– rapt attention for the egg tutorial….

Andrew and Alicia’s friend Joe kicked off our Sunday morning with what is generally understood to be a “proper” English breakfast. That means toast, muffins, eggs, pork sausage, bacon, smoked salmon, fried tomatoes, and (don’t ask for details) black pudding. With orange juice and either tea or coffee. It was not only a cultural experience, but really tasty too.

Then, because we needed a few essential supplies, Joe and I drove over to Hastings together in her classic convertible MG. The car is everything you want in a vintage English roadster; tight, bumpy, idiosyncratic, throaty, iconic, and – most importantly – lots of fun.

– a few seconds from my MG ride with Joe!

We returned in time for some afternoon tea and then a walk across the sand dunes for a lively match of croquet on the beach. Our grandson, Mr. T., loved every minute of it. He made some valiant and occasionally successful attempts to whack the ball with his mallet, and happily played around the periphery while the serious croquet went down to the wire.

– celebrating croquet victory!!!

It was another atypical clear, inviting, and relatively balmy fall day in the South of England. So far we can’t be more pleased with our adventure. The Camber Sands/Rye area has been lovely in every possible way.

Tomorrow we plan to drive 40-minutes east over to my old hometown, Folkestone – just six miles west of Dover. Stay tuned for more words, photographs, and food for the journey.

Peace and light – DEREK


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