Fun with Photo Friday (in England and Orlando)

– the view from Carisbrooke Castle in the Isle of Wight

Photo Friday this week is split between one of the more interesting historical sites from our England Adventure, and then a few of my favorite recent images featuring a more contemporary phenomenon – namely our beautiful Orlando family who continue to embrace life head on, at full throttle, living (to use one of my favorite phrases) like they mean it.

Already the children have grown in so many ways just since we were last with them in August. David celebrated birthday number eleven! Both David and Beks are thriving in their new school. Geoffrey is fast approaching his second birthday.

The photos in this selection feature Beks at “Hamilton”, David with Beks on his birthday, and Geoffrey enjoying a day at Animal Kingdom.

More from the Castle:

Then, as I process the latest images to roll off my camera, here are just a few from Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight.

You can see my full account of this remarkable fortress by reading “Carisbrooke may be the coolest yet“, posted while we were still in the U.K. The photographs included here just round out the story.

The most interesting shot may be that of the ceiling at the chapel built in memory of Charles 1, who was imprisoned at Carisbrooke for the months prior to his execution in 1649.

If you are enjoying our Great Adventures with Derek & Rebekah photographs, there are still several posts to come. In the next few days I plan to feature:

  • Alum Bay and The Needles (Isle of Wight)
  • Amazing food from our England trip
  • AirBnB and Caledon Guesthouse review
  • The best photos from our Great Adventure

Peace and more peace – DEREK

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