Update on my parents (94 and 91)

Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Isaiah 46:4

This morning I decided to write a little about my parents, offering a “catch-up” post having concentrated on the England adventure every day since October 5th. So I put the coffee on, selected a handful of photos from the past couple of days, and opened my computer to begin this post…

Then, right at 8:00, the phone rang. It was dad’s assisted living facility. He had managed to fall while transferring into his wheelchair and hit his head hard enough they had to call EMS services to take a look.

So instead of writing, I hopped into my car and drove out to Rolesville.

Fortunately, all dad has is a lump and an abrasion. All his vitals checked out alright and I was able to decline transportation to the emergency room. He’s upset, he has a mild headache, he has a bandage on his head, and his blood pressure is a little elevated from the stress.

Not a bad outcome when you consider the alternatives.

All this is simply a way to say that the status quo is essentially unchanged since before we headed over the pond for England. After fifteen days away I sense that dad is a little weaker, a little more wobbly, a little less focused, and a degree or two more vulnerable.

But the staff at Avendelle are professional, attentive, kind, and a constant positive presence. My mum and I get out to visit every day, dad is comfortable, and all of his needs are appropriately addressed.

This morning was simply a reminder that he is fragile, and that we are blessed to have the availability and the consistency of such care.

Watch this space for more on the England Adventure – there is still much to process.

Peace and blessings – DEREK


  1. Your England travelogue is impressive, but your love and faithfulness to your parents is precious. May your dad improve quickly, and may his pain subside as well. Hugh

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  2. I’m sure the break in seeing your parents daily did help you realize your dad’s decline even more. Enjoy each day you can with them. May God give you & your family comfort & peace.

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  3. Derek, it is wonderful that you can see your parents daily and be there for your dad. Your being able to assess what will work best for your dad and let let him know all of your love is precious. Enjoy your time with your parents.

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