England 2022, The Last Post (a review of The Caledon Guesthouse)

– The Caledon Guesthouse

Drumroll please… this is it, my final post from the epic series: “Derek and Rebekah’s Great Adventure in the UK.” Unless, that is, something else comes up that absolutely begs to be shared!

Earlier in the week I posted my Airbnb review, offering high praise to our cottage rental in Camber Sands (see “Accommodations review...”). Today I am taking a look at The Caledon Guesthouse on the Isle of Wight. We stayed there for three comfortable nights and three wonderful breakfasts.

I chose the Caledon because I wanted our last few days in England to involve a little less work and a lot more pampering. So my search parameters included the words “guesthouse” “breakfast” “comfortable” “sea views” “en suite” and “Cowes.”

Cowes is the town where we had decided to stay, centrally located and with a lot of great accommodation options to chose from.

A-plus for the Caledon:

The Caledon turned out to be exactly what we had in mind! Everything about our stay met or exceeded expectations.

The guesthouse is situated less than a half mile from the center of the old town of Cowes. Consequently Rebekah and I were able to leave the car and enjoy a casual stroll to dinner all three nights (check out “England – the Food Edition” for more on the restaurants).

The Caledon is beautifully maintained, very clean, spacious, and comfortable. The owners have devised a clever system with QR codes designed to facilitate everything from menu selection to purchasing extras to check out and more.

Everyone on staff was exceptionally friendly, helpful, and available; our room was excellent; the charges were surprisingly reasonable.

Our first morning at breakfast – probably the best “Full English Breakfast” I have had in decades – we were served by Andrea, who owns the hotel along with her husband, Mark. She generously gave a lot of extra time chatting with us about the island, what to do and where to go, and sharing some of their story too.

When we checked out, we both agreed that our three days on the Isle of Wight added up to the perfect way to wrap up the England Adventure. Thanks, Caledon, for being a most comfortable and welcoming home base to us.

– checking out at The Caledon

So that’s a wrap on the latest in the ongoing “Great Adventures with Rebekah and Derek” series. Every trip we take is unique, and impossible to compare with anything else. But this one has to rank among the most successful.

Enjoy these images from The Caledon Guesthouse, and – if you are ever thinking about a vacation to England – see if you can grab a room.

Peace, blessings, and safe travels – DEREK

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