This is the day the Lord has made: Geoffrey turns two and life gets brighter!

This is the day the Lord has created;
    let us rejoice today and be glad.

 Lord, save us!
    Lord, grant us success!

Psalm 118:24-25

– Geoffrey turns 2!!!!

It is important, especially in the middle of all the activities and reflections surrounding a death, that we remember to take time for the amazingly positive events – such as birthdays for two-year-old grandchildren like Geoffrey.

Our youngest grandchild is unstoppable, a force of nature. But what a great example of being delighted with life! If there was some way to connect him to a dynamo he could probably light up an entire city block with the energy he generates.

The contrast between a toddler hitting 24-months and my dad at 94, easing out the last moments of such a beautiful life, is something to behold.

So I am very glad that Rebekah and I had the opportunity to gift Geoffrey with his very own (propelled in Flintstones fashion) little car.

Here’s what is funny. He was excited, he climbed in, he started to plow through everything else in the living room… he continued to sit in it… he stayed in the car for snack time… he wanted to stay sitting in his car when it was time to go to bed!

It kind of reminds me of the time Rebekah’s parents gifted our children with pipes and whistles – and then promptly got in their car and drove home! Thanks. Thanks a lot!!

I don’t know what makes your heart sing – especially when you are tempted to feel down – but I have been gifted with such beautiful grandchildren, so packed with life and love and light!

– These three!!!!

These three, in Orlando, just overflowing with joy! Then Mr. T., in Bahrain, making such a splash in preschool and lighting up the room with his dynamic approach to everything.

God is in the creating business all the time, and God is in the recreating business too. All we have to do is to open our eyes, and our hearts, and receive the generosity.

Because, always, love wins – DEREK

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