This is how we do it! Photos of a most beautiful Thanksgiving

– part of the dinner table at the Campbell home

They feasted and drank with David for three days, for preparations had been made by their relatives for their arrival.

1 Chronicles 12:39

– Rebekah and Derek in Orlando

Dateline Orlando: Our daughter Naomi and her husband, Craig, pulled it off! Their Thanksgiving guest list kept expanding and somehow they made it work.

The food was wonderful and plentiful, the people were wonderful and plentiful, and the love was wonderful and plentiful too.

I am very glad that my mother was able to make the trip down with us and experience another signature family Thanksgiving. It may have been too noisy for her, and overwhelming, but it was the right kind of noise and the right kind of overwhelm. She certainly got the full experience!

Pulling it all together:

Craig worked extra hard all day long; he outdid himself and everything came out just about perfect. I know I tend to do the same thing when I am cooking at home, and I chase people out of the kitchen when it’s time to clean up, but being here, watching him pull it all together, made me realize how much of himself he gives to his family and I am grateful.

There was a lot of help, of course, from Naomi’s attention to style and detail, to David and Rebekah making biscuits, to people bringing various appetizers and desserts, to Beks making personalized gift bags for everyone.

Then there was the beautiful and generous spirit of Thanksgiving and joy that everyone played a part in. You just can’t miss with such a great assortment of family and friends and neighbors.

One of my favorite pictures is this of the “younger” cousins (plus Naomi). They represent the second set of five Alexander grandchildren (minus Jared plus Johnny).

With the youngest, Sarah, in college and the oldest in her late twenties it’s a more mature group now. But the next set, starting with (and hopefully not limited to) our four grandchildren, is coming along nicely. It’s another thing these family get-togethers do – showcasing the generations.

“This is how we Maul”

“This,” our daughter Naomi would put it, “is how we Maul.” It’s how we Alexander too. But most importantly, and like those fine traditions, it’s obvious that, now, “This is how we Campbell.”

Thanks so much, y’all, for gifting us with another beautiful memory. What a great family! – DEREK

Enjoy these photos from the whole day:

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