Rain, soggy leaves, and dog photos!

This morning in Wake Forest it is cold and wet, reminding me of the late autumn in England. I have fond memories of walking home from school in my “Wellies,” sloshing through deep piles of wet leaves, or playing soccer in the mud on a cold, rainy afternoon (it was fun only if you were not standing on the sidelines as a soggy, shivering substitute).

It’s like that here today, only with a huge sodden Golden Retriever and without the soccer in the mud. Now – after our morning walk – it’s the kind of day where we sip coffee and look through the window as a new cascade of colorful leaves present themselves for raking (or ignoring).

– “If I close my eyes maybe he’ll stop!”

But yesterday, walking Max in the crisp fall sunshine, we sat on the grass in the park and grabbed a couple of photos I thought would be fun to share. You know how it goes: there’s always that one guy in the group portrait who has to close his eyes exactly when the shutter clicks!

To be fair, Max has developed an understandable anti-paparazzi “no pictures!” attitude. He’s quite good at turning around, laying down, and looking behind my head when he sees the phone coming!

Today is the last day of a month I will never forget. But more on that later today, when I offer the traditional “30 days in 30 photographs” post.

As always, peace and blessings on this day – DEREK

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