Unhurried unworried

Jesus: “Who among you by worrying can add a single moment to your life?”

Matthew 6:27

So early this morning I had a bit of an epiphany. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt! I was walking with Max, out for our morning “clear the fog out of Derek’s brain” hike around the neighborhood. It was a very pleasant 53-degrees and I was consciously walking at a pace that minimized the knee and hip pain I have been fighting the past few weeks.

I glanced at my watch and chuckled at how long the first mile had taken. I’ve been doing my physical therapy homework, I thought; shouldn’t I be pushing the pace a little more?

Pushing the envelope:

It’s not surprising. All of our life together Rebekah and I have pushed the envelope in everything we have done – nothing less than cutting edge. Sports; teaching; ministry; books… even hobbies! Not just doing things well, but the very best possible! For me setting new standards has been pretty much an article of faith.

But should that include being in more pain than anyone else? I thought, half tongue-in-cheek half seriously? What if, instead of faster and more miles, a better goal this morning would be “happily walking the dog and getting home without undue pain?”

Then this phrase came to mind: “Unhurried unworried.”

And, as this is the beginning of a brand new year, how about making that both a physical and a spiritual intention at the same time?

“Full” but without the worry and stress:

The Year 2022 was full with worry and stress. 2023 may well have many of the same factors in play: health, finances, family, responsibilities, difficult decisions, etc. But God’s best for us is to experience the “full” without the worry and stress.

I look at these “lifestyle” commercials featuring people in their 60’s and 70’s flexing muscles while jogging, and jumping the net after tennis! Meanwhile I’m checking out my wonky knee and thinking, that’s nice, Mr. Body Model; But reality is I’m not so much ripped as wrapped!

Last year I averaged over 15,000 steps a day. I did 5.5 million in 2022, over 2,500 miles. Maybe this year 10,000 steps is going to be okay? Maybe “no pain no gain” can take a hike!

Prayer: Grant me grace, Lord, to walk in your way this year, unhurried and unworried, not pushing my way through so much as praying my way close, resting in the goodness and the nurture and the mercy of your peace – DEREK


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