Joy, Geoffrey, and my busted knee: Photo Friday follows the star

– The Magi: still wise, still listening, still following the star

Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.

Philippians 2:15-16
– writer Derek Maul

Photo Friday gets started following the star:

Today is Epiphany. The word means, essentially, a moment of revelation, of insight, of discovery. If, suddenly, things become clear to you, then you have had an epiphany, what is known as “an aha moment.”

Epiphany is also the day, traditionally, when the magi visit the infant Jesus.

I have written before about the progress the three kings, the wise guys, make through our house. So today, as we focus a lot of energy on deconstructing all the decorations, our magi could be spotted moving on, heading home “by another route.”

– Christmas deconstruction at Maul Hall

They are still following a star. I think that is an important idea to consider, because it wasn’t simply astronomy that introduced them to Jesus, it was an initiative of the Holy Spirit. I like the way the star plays the role, offering peace and direction in the middle of what had become a tense political situation.


– on the phone with grandmama!

Then – and the image absolutely has to be the “Photograph of the Week” – this from Naomi.

Geoffrey, who recently acquired his own little house, loves to go inside and close the door. As you can see, he has brought along some of his favorite toys.

What makes this picture so special is the fact that he is talking with his grandmama Rebekah. He got the phone, he went inside, he closed the door, he got comfortable, and then he chattered away. Priceless!

He is 26-months now. Watching Geoffrey grow up is an amazing experience!

Thankful for some help:

Next is this, taken in the parking lot at physical therapy a couple of days ago. It has been a tough week for pain, so I almost did not go. But we all worked hard, I learned a couple of new exercises, my therapist did some welcome deep tissue massage, and I have a little hope going forward.

Hope really is a kind of fuel that sustains us, keeps us going. Hope, the New Testament teaches, is grounded in an active relationship with God. “Promise” is the story all people are offered; promise is – essentially – what God did for this world when Jesus was born in that stable in Bethlehem. Hope is about taking hold of that promise and making it personal.

Promise is what got me in the door, so to speak; hope is my experience now I am no longer a visitor but a familiar friend, no longer a guest but a member of the family.


Finally, Rebekah and I are now hobbling around the neighborhood together, both very much compromised in our ability to walk! Max enjoys coming along, but he keeps looking over his shoulder and complaining about how slow we are!

This was a stop at one of the exercise stations. It’s really quite comical to watch us move so painfully. But it is another beautiful day today, calling for clear skies and a high of 54.

We absolutely will be out again, grateful and together. – DEREK

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