Photo-shoot for Max! #GoldenRetriever

What better on a sunny, cool, day than to take your huge Golden Retriever out for a photo shoot.

Max and I were due a good walk anyway. First we persuaded my mum to take a few steps down the street… until she cancelled the expedition because “it’s bitterly cold out here,” and “I don’t think I have ever experienced cold like this before…”

No, mum, never ever. Only two weeks ago when it got down to 9-degrees. Today the temperature is 45-degrees and sunny!

Anyway, once I got my mum back into her house Max and I went for a turn around the park. The other side of the baseball field he simply sat down, looking regal. He can’t help himself, folks, he’s just a beautiful dog.

Monday, all being well, Max begins his new job, working as a therapy dog at the Cadence North Raleigh assisted living center. We were ready to go a week ago, but there are paperwork issues pending.

I’m looking forward to reporting back and letting y’all enjoy the new adventures of Max. What a good dog!

That’s it for today. Enjoy the balance of the photos, and take a moment to thank your dog today… just for being.

Peace and more – DEREK

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