The Stark Beauty of North Carolina’s Piedmont in Winter

Old Falls of Neuse Road, heading back from church Sunday

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

Genesis 1:31
Sunday along the Neuse river

This part of the North Carolina Piedmont is well known for spectacular colors: in the fall, in the spring, and even summertime, when the trees are in full leaf and the landscape is saturated with a thousand varieties of green. Then there is winter, leafless and dull other than the occasional picturesque snow.

But sometimes, if I pay close enough attention, even late January can offer its own form of muted beauty.

– photography guy looking into the trees…

Sunday lunchtime, driving home from church, I stopped off for a short walk along the Neuse River, and I was struck by the artistry – the architecture – of the leafless trees along the path and the water. It’s the kind of stark beauty you have to look for, like the man with the telescopic lens I talked with, trying to capture hawks high in the branches.

“It’s all about the light on a day like today,” I said.

“Absolutely,” he replied; “isn’t it stunning…”

– pause at the light on Durham at 98

I talked with a friend recently who said one day of winter was enough. She’s been ready for 80-plus and summer since early November. Not me; I enjoy the balance and the interplay of all four seasons. January suits me just fine.

Of course I may have to launch a “go fund me” targeting one of those huge lenses for my camera!

In gratitude – DEREK

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