The Past Week in Pictures: Photo essay covering Jan 29 – Feb 3

“God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness.”

Mark Denman

Seven photos, telling the story of a week.

I may not feature a lot of buildings in photographs, but I have always had a real love for and appreciation of architecture. When I was a child I spent countless hours designing buildings and imagining myself working as an architect. I took technical drawing classes too, one of the few subjects where I actually applied myself in high school!

The walkway between Terminals One and Two at RDU, framed by the parking garage, has a pleasing balance of light and substance. Behind me, flights of stairs go up seven floors to the roof – where I always park. This was the first time (note the smooth segue to the orthopedic photograph) I have had to use the elevator.

That’s right, there is news on the ortho pain front. I had my follow-up visit with the surgeon. That’s photo number two, the one of me looking at my watch. Good grief there’s a lot of waiting around in doctors’ offices! I was actually – bored of course – experimenting with the remote camera control option on my Apple Watch. Turns out it works!

The MRI tests showed arthritis in my hip, and “advanced” arthritis in my knee. Apparently the cartilage is just about gone and that’s what causes the inflammation, the swelling, the inability to move it sometimes, and the searing pain.

Apparently I will soon be a candidate for both knee replacement (first) then hip replacement. The good news is that physical therapy is helping, and continuing the exercise regimen will absolutely be effective long term. Next is water therapy and joining a gym.

I can’t let a week go by without another image from Naomi in Orlando. I love this one because it is an essay in itself. Beks and David on their scooters, enjoying the safety of their quiet neighborhood; Geoffrey looking up at his big sister with such love. It is a beautiful commentary on their life together in Central Florida.

Max and my mum may be a recurring theme in this space. But their relationship is hugely important as we continue to move forward from dad’s passing and into a tomorrow that remains very much uncertain for a 91-year-old committed to living as independently as possible.

Lastly, another inviting food picture (Filet mignon with blue cheese melted in), and a shot of the photographer I chatted with along the Neuse River (see this collection of winter photographs).

Who knows what will jump out and invite me to take a photograph between now and next Friday? Life is so full with daily inspiration. Let’s hope I continue to pay attention.

Because beauty and grace are everywhere – DEREK


  1. Derek,. I had knee replacement in my left knee probably 15 or more years ago. I have never liked the results. When my right knee began to hurt, I started having them take the white good cells from a small test tube of my blood and inject that into my right knee just behind the knee cap, which is where we’ve lost cushioning. It works for six months to a year. There’s a fancy name for this procedure which I don’t remember but I’m sure your orthopedic doctor will know. I highly recommend this over knee replacement.


    On Fri, Feb 3, 2023, 11:35 AM Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for

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    • Thanks, Earl.
      I will certainly talk to the surgeon. Not anticipating surgery soon anyway.
      Also, I am a little (lot) needle-phobic. So there’s that!
      Praying you are well – Derek


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