Heading to Florida for a wedding (and a grandchild fix)

Central Florida Oaks

March 1, bright and early – well, early at least – Rebekah and I headed out of town and hit I-95 for the long haul to Central Florida.

Bad roads or not, I can’t help but smile any time Rebekah and I get to roll out of town together. It is always a treat to spend focused time with each other in the car.

But it is definitely past time, maybe within the next few years, to begin thinking about what kind of vehicle could possibly navigate such a heavily trafficked and poorly maintained road (thanks, South Carolina) with a little less of the jolting discomfort we get from Rebekah’s 2012 Rav-4 or my 2012 Golf.

By the end of the day we made it, mostly in one piece, and had a nice dinner with Naomi’s beautiful family in Ocoee.

We are here for our niece Lindsay’s wedding with Johnny. So you can absolutely expect a few photographs from me over the next couple of days.

Lindsay and Johnny have asked Rebekah to “do” the ceremony. It’s going to be held at some outdoor venue, and it looks like somebody turned the heat up this week.

I will keep everyone posted, and I fully expect to have some great stories to share.

But for this morning, just trying to recover from the long trip down, I’m just going to share this photograph of me doing my best to play with Geoffrey.

The construction hat, by the way, is his.

Peace and love – always – DEREK

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