The best random photos from the wedding weekend: Photographs that mark time

– Geoffrey and Rebekah in the garden behind the Campbell house

Lord, you are my God.
I will exalt you; I will praise your name,
    for you have done wonderful things,
        planned long ago, faithful and sure.

Isaiah 25:1
Rebekah with Geoffrey

Now that we are back in Wake Forest, enjoying another perfect early Spring day, I have the opportunity to go through the literally hundreds of great photographs from the epic wedding weekend.

But for now, as I haven’t even started to download the images from my Nikon DSLR, here are some radom family shots that tell a little of the story with Naomi’s beautiful family.

Busy Weekend:

Rebekah and I stayed out at the Hilton Garden Inn, but the Campbells hosted a lot of comings and goings from the home in Ocoee.

Saturday morning Naomi – along with hours of hard work from Rebekah’s cousin Zandra – hosted a brunch for 23 Alexander family members. This photograph is one of those priceless “markers in time” snapshots that family archivists will reference in generations to come.

For the record: Back: Derek Maul, Ruth Alexander, Jeanette and Micah Mcmahan, Reed Mcmahan, Naomi Campbell, Tom McMahan, Heather and Jesse Alexander, Seth Alexander, Sarah Alexander, Seth Alexander and girlfriend Samantha, Front: Rebekah Maul (holding Geoffrey Campbell), Velva Graves, Lynda and Roy Alexander, David Campbell, Joe Alexander, Beks Campbell, Cheryl Alexander, Zandra Overstreet (Perkins side)

It was a busy wedding weekend, but any time – even just a couple of hours here and there – with the grandchildren is priceless. Especially these three!

– The Campbell family

I keep thinking about the words of the psalmist, “for you have done wonderful things, planned long ago, faithful and sure.” Not fatalism but providence. God has plans, they are wonderful, and sometimes we are faithful ourselves and we can see that we are walking in The Way.

This weekend was like that. Lindsay and Johnny, commited to walking in God’s way together. Our beautiful grandchildren, some of the ongoing product of my life with Rebekah, struggling to be faithful to God’s promises.

But I need to get back to photo processing. There will be a lot more to enjoy over the next few days.

In love, and because love steers our path together – DEREK

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